5 Best Battle Royale Shooting Games for Android 2019

The fever of the moment among players on all platforms is undoubtedly the Battle Royale shooter games. Absolute success on PCs and consoles, with titles like PUBG and Fortnite, this style of play has also dominated mobile platforms. Today we have a number of Battle Royale shooter games available on Google Play for Android phones. And in this list you can see the best Battle Royale shooter games for Android in 2019, check it out!

Call of Duty: Mobile

[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

Call of Duty: Mobile is Activision’s newest Battle Royale shooter released for Android. The game will feature a host of PvP modes and maps inspired by Call of Duty franchise games such as Black Ops and Modern Warfare. Gamespotnet And among the various online multiplayer modes is the traditional Battle Royale survival game. The game is still in the early stages of development, it’s free and features the gameplay and powerful graphics typical of the iconic FPS shooter series.

Cyber ​​hunter

[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

Cyber ​​Hunter is also a recent shooting and survival game release available for Android. It is a Battle Royale game with futuristic theme and various action and strategy elements. Such as open-world exploration, parkour, insane climbs, unique combat skills, and even construction. The game features a number of character customization features, as well as the free combination of 14 unique survival skills.

Ride out heroes

[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

Ride Out Heroes is a fantasy Battle Royale game for Android with several unique heroes. The game’s differential is the possibility to choose characters that are part of different classes. This gives you the freedom to play with a Wizard, Hunter, Engineer, Assassin, or Warrior hero. You can also summon mounts to explore a huge 3D world. You can even upgrade your weaponry by forging epic weapons, and even revive your squad friends.


[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

Fortnite, in addition to the consoles and PC, is also officially available for Android. This mobile version brings all the content and mechanics seen in the original Battle Royale, even unifying your accounts and accessing all your purchased skins on other platforms. All platforms always get the same weekly updates, have the same map and gameplay. Of course, the game comes with a full control interface adapted to touch screens and is entirely free.

PUBG Mobile

[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

PUBG Mobile, like Fortnite, is also the official version of the original Battle Royale available for Android phones. However, it is developed by Tencent and is not identical in gameplay and content, although quite similar. This mobile version features new features, as well as exclusive skins and seasonal events. It is still the best battle royale shooter and survival game available on Google Play. It features the Enrangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok maps, solo mode, duo, squad, arcade and even zombie mode.

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